Waterville x Loon with Stumped

By • Apr 23rd, 2012 • Category: Features, Videos

Considering there wasn’t much of a season to begin with this year, it’s impressive the Stumped Crew managed to eek out some post-season action in NH. If nothing else, watch it ’til 1:36 when someone loses their anal virginity (we assume) to a donkey dick.

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30 thoughts on “Waterville x Loon with Stumped

  1. @jerm

    Yes…he messed up his ankle and decided to put and extra strap on there and troop through it

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  2. calvin

    sick edit no doubt, some gnarly tricks were thrown. But they all have such similar styles, i would love to see them branch out from being called “mini scott stevens” and find there own style.

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  3. upstatemike.

    did anyone ever think that scotty stevens has new england style, therefore no ones trying to be scotty stevens, they’re just from fucking new england?? he just so happened to hit it big first.

    and get into it….the east coast revolution has officially begun ya nerds…

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  4. jerm

    ahhh not a bad idea. I know someone who did that same thing. I found a pair of the old burton third strap highbacks and used them once. pretty sick but really heavy and took too long to strap in. liked the support and response though.

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  5. who da neighbors?

    that kid probably wouldnt have a messed up ankle if he didnt do those one footed manuvers

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