ThirtyTwo Spot Check: Copper Mountain

By • May 7th, 2012 • Category: Features, Videos

The ThirtyTwo team closed out the 2012 season at Copper Mountain. Enjoy this video featuring beers, bros and boarding.

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30 thoughts on “ThirtyTwo Spot Check: Copper Mountain

  1. um

    sean murphy worked at the jimmy johns i worked at. but i never met him. switchups are still gay

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  2. #skierdad

    pbr within the first 10 seconds. knew it had to be a good video from the start.

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  3. ChurrBoy

    That Shaun Murphy kid is on one. and Frank April is a straight boss.

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  4. ape arm st33z

    Bradshaw didn’t cab 3 it because it was more than 10 feet long.

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  5. Bugs Bunny

    Shaun Murphy sporting the the JP walker scare crow with spirit fingers.

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  6. golf wang

    for some reason i fucking love the noise it makes when they land on rails. muther fuckers prolly got some fancy ass microphone or someshit.

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  7. todd

    wow that was the worst edit i have ever seen! how was this not rejected? I woulda got way better tricks with more style… but i cant really prove that now cuz my mountains closed tho

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  8. Rick

    Best spotcheck out so far!! April is a BEAST!! Sleepy is Nuts. Hobush has the best style in the game. Murphy had bangers, but i see people like to hate…

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