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Dachstein #1

This edit was “submitted” to us via a lovely hate comment by Matic Zavodnik, who we can only assume has blogging aspirations once he’s finished grabbing all his rail tricks, as he let us know how badly we’re blowing it and suggested several other sites that are much more diligent about reblogging every video that hits Vimeo. Apparently, there’s 5 meters of snow on EVERY glacier in Europe and people are snowboarding there EVERY DAY and therefore we should be concentrating more on posting the same stuff as Methodmag, and not doing any sort of skate or other original content if we want to be a “good” site. Well Matic, of all the links you sent, we thought this edit was pretty decent, so here ya go! Thanks for your input.

If you’d like to be friends with Matic, so you can say you knew him before he was the most powerful and successful web publisher in the world, he’s on Facebook, obviously.

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  2. I really wanna know what other language speaking people, call tricks? like is back lip and methods global, or is there a different language version

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  3. this is awesome^^(#1-103)
    a bunch of dumb euros arguing with a bunch of dumb americans.
    all you babies need to STOP CRYING.

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  4. murca.. if you don like it you can git out…

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  5. the best part is how the euros keep saying they are done with yobeat but they are the ones coming back and keeping commenting defending themselves giving yobeat more hits/views/credit for putting out an awesome post which pissed off the whole continent apparently

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  6. So I’m not defending that dickhead KC Kyle or anything, but what the does Syria, patriotism, Jersey Shore, or Kim Kardashian have to do with snowboarding?

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  7. kc kyle is not really an american don’t be fooled

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  8. hey schleg!likes montana …kc kyle wrote: “Ive been to europe, your girls have hairy pussys, your weed is commercialized like cigs, and your all ass holes to us americans cause your jealous as shit cause we got the better gig”
    is it about snowboarding?????? he doesnt like hariy pussys???
    HE IS A HATER….he has no problem with the clip, he just hates euros!!!! RACISM or massive brain damage!

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  9. So you don’t like what he said and thought it was racist…. so you took the high road and said racist things to him? Because that makes so much sense.

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  10. YOBEAT ‘proving snowboarders are just as dumb as everyone else – no matter where they come from – since 1997′

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  11. I never said racist things to him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  12. I want to support the guys in the clip! no matter from where they are!!!! but kc has a problem with euros…cause the girls have hariy pussys!!!

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  13. I find this thread really positive for humanity – it proves that we’re all not so different after all:

    To quote a really smart guy:

    “No matter where you come from you can always be overly proud of your heritage/homeland, thus proving that you’re an ignorant douche who hasn’t seen much of the world.”

    – Me

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  14. #106 was the first and only thing KC wrote, that makes me not be totally embarrassed to snowboard
    This discussion stopped being funny at about #23. Euros wanna be like US-shreds so bad and dont get the irony when beeing called Euro-style. I’m pretty sure Matic thought it was really funny and he got the edit posted. So whatever.

    JERM: please never give KC Kyle any attention! Did he get rejected once? I remember an incredibly whack pow edit… He’s like the perfect Amerian: Racicst, Proud, so Fat he can only ride pow, Bush voter… I’m 100% he has KidRock in his skulcandys while riding his sled

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  15. You guys are taking everything way too seriously. EVERYONE CALM YO TITS.

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  16. so i wasted nearly an hour on university of vienna reading this nice comments and let me tell one thing- the hairy pussy thing is a myth.. maybe i was lucky but i had a pretty shaved pussy last night.

    for the rest i say nothing cause you guys will find something to hate on.

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  17. yobeat is not dead

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  18. this KC KYLE kid is so dead. his shitty pow edit is a crime to snowboarding itself.

    you def shouldn’t have posted that kiddy, you just ruined your entire internet (and real) reputation for life.

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  19. “Your Capita Ultrafear came from Washington.”
    Only ignorant people go and make claims, that they don’t even bother to check first!
    For your information Elan Snowboard Factory is the world’s largest OEM, snowboard-only factory, building nearly a quarter of a million decks in 2010, and it is based in Furnitz, Austria.

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  20. OK, I think I’m beginning to understand what’s going on here. KC Kyle is mentally defective. He seems to think that Europeans are speaking his language. Kyle, buddy, England is across the pond from you and happens to be situated on the continent of Europe. Your language, which I guess you think is called American, is in actual fact a bastardisation of English, which originated in England, Europe. So you’re really speaking our language, but that’s OK, we don’t mind. On another note, there is quite a lot of evidence to support the idea that snowboarding originated in Turkey. Again, Turkey is also situated on the continent of Europe.

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  21. Who gives a fuck?

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  22. pubic hair styles change quickly

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  23. have they not watched ” this must be the place “?

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  24. holzknecht I was referring to vid, the dumbfuck that seems to want to dick measure America against Europe.

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  25. Dear America and Europe,

    Fuck you. That is all.



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  26. Fuck anybody and everybody that hates on shred. Doesn’t matter where you live, or how good you are. Don’t hate. Shred is rad….and remember, there are a lot of people better than you.

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  27. @Chris u sound like such a pussy! haha but anyway that edit was fuckin sick…but kinda gay at the same time cuz they werent from these here parts. fuck you

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  28. this has gotten out of hand. and @holzknecht youre a dumbass

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  29. I took 2 das now to get through this entire thread here and it is hilarious and so fucking sad at the same time. im not defending now anybody (fact still is though that Kyle is a stupid fucked we all agree on that now, thank god), but have y’all looked at what is going on here ?!

    people are seriously taking judge on other shred headz (still the same side/sport!), based on where they came from, WTF? then it gets mixed up with political/cultural clichés and stereotypes and the whole thing gets totally out of hand …oh my god. or either you guys (those who really got into this ‘battle’ here..) are just the total mainstream and don’t know shit about snowboarding, or our sport turned out to be the most stupid thing ever.

    i use to remember snowbaording to be more loyal and real ..sbeing the hated punks on the slopes that everybody hated but wanted to be like really and being so …always STICKED TOGETHER ..supporting and showing love n respect for others’ edits, skills and style NO MATTER WHERE THEY CAME FROM this really happening?

    what am i suppose to get when shredding ‘over the pond’ and riding some Euro gear, or even worse: being a Europe (i look like one, so everybody will know in the chairlift line..) and riding US-based brand gear ..holy fuck!

    Matic has got one point (even though he crossed a bit the line and went quite far..) :

    you don’t see that much Euro edits on the us online media and sometimes it also doesn’t really look like there would be sort of interest or knowledge: i remember finding an edit on TWS (and other similar posts here too..) about ‘Ludde’ Leijkner saying “WE NEVER HEARD OF THAT UDE”.

    sorry what? Ludde films for Isen (which do have a big american fanbase btw..) and is no joke on metal and general jibs …the thing is other (Euro) mags definitely try to cover everything ..the local/underground stuff from Europe, Canda States and even Japan, while the US ones clearly focus more on “their own stuff”, so a bit of a wider taken focus wouldn’t be bad at all.

    i won’t even start with taking sides now on who tries to copy who, or which riding is better because this is just totally fucked up.

    think about it where we go with that korny attitude and what sport we’re all sharing here and STOP THAT BULLSHIT, please.

    ps: @Tim Horton (comment #126) : made my day! =)

    P E A C E

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  30. If u wanna hate, hate on skiers. Everybody here is fine with tht.

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  31. Wow, how much mental bullshit on just one fucking edit. Please stop using the words “Americans” or “Europeans” when talking about snowboarding, cause they just dont have nothing to do with it… Or please tell me how it can be more legit going snowboarding just because other people in your country are fucking good? When Rego releases smth sick, then does it really make you proud as an american? Or does it really give you the reason to hate about european riders?? Post your own edits to proof that talk, or even better: Stop that whackass hate and stop trying to bring that racist shit into snowboarding

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  32. AMERICA IS THE BEST!! We got Shaun white! WHATCHU GOT??

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  33. Haha, puny humans arguing who’s got more game, when clearly none of you do.

    Check my edit and weep!

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  34. almost got bucked at 1:02. but this shit is legit

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  35. 135 posts! Yobeat all time record? Even a bloody tampon got way less attention!!!

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  36. Tim Horton,
    your my hero.


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  37. I <3 Tim Horton, If he threw me a chocolate glazed donut I would suck on his Weiner

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  38. 2 days ago:

    The Melting Pot The Melting Pot commented on Dachstein#1 by Dachstein#1

    “you guys suck, Don’t ever send your stuff to yobeat again!”

    haha and that’s their latest edit:

    4 epic fails:

    #1 Don’t hate on Vimeo (you might get called out on your own edits…)

    #2 Tailfishs

    #3 Shaky filming all the way

    #4 Thinkin’ they posted it! Common, I guess a random kid proposed that video and it’s still up to Yobeat to post that shit

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  40. basic rail tricks are not hard(every trick in this video), and if you thumbs down then you suck at rails/snowboarding cause you would agree with me otherwise.

    and yeah melting pot puts out the truth/unique edits so suck a fucking dick once again euros you all follow us americans in snowboarding, get it? dont ever come to our country we dont want you unless your that french dude @tline throwing back1 crails which were spot on. AFUCKINGMERICA WINS AGAIN. PERIOD. END OF STORY. (Me)- 8====>~~~ 0: (Euros)

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  41. happy fathersday to our grandfathers that got me the fuck out of that bigass continent that sucks dick at everthing. thanks great great great great grandpa.

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  42. @KC KYLE You are easily one of the most butthurt vaginas to adventure over here from transworld, period. Moral of the story, KC KYLE is 14, and we all are ok with australians.

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  44. that narrow stance looks wank

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  45. The snowboard community begun with strong roots, regardless of its origin. The people I like to consider the “roots” of snowboarding –> Terje!!!, Tom sims, Tim Burton, Tom Burt, Craig Kelly, Jamie lynn –> snowboarding started with these pioneers

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  46. Wait… I am confused, KC KYLE, where is it you are from again?

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  47. Im not into talking shit about others, but KC kyle sucks so fucking bad and he would suck my dick in prison, faggot! nuff said here!

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