Best Summer Ever 2: Warming Up

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The start of summer camp. Time to shake off the past few weeks/months of sitting around wishing you were still snowboarding and get some moves back. High Cascade Session one is winding down, and although Oregon hasn’t settled on summer quite yet, the boys (and girls) are getting their shit together. The sun’s gonna stay out any day now, and summer is about to start poppin’ off.

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44 thoughts on “Best Summer Ever 2: Warming Up

  1. The View

    warm up? warm up for me is a 5-0 and maybe a 1 out! good tricks, hats off boys! but i am really jealous so i should be hating.. that rail was so small nothing counts on it and the ender?! come on…3 to the very last inch of a 5 foot long rail.. banger! fuck you

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  2. upstatemike.

    for some reason i didnt used to like colton, like 2 summers ago. i think it was his face. but now i like the little fucker.

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  3. Steve Berra

    Woah that rail is even bigger than the biggest I’ve ever skated. I wonder if Connor will ever come down to LA to film my battle commander. I don’t wanna go to Oregon to film it, those concrete parks seem so scary.

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  4. beast coast

    saw the ender coming 10 seconds into the edit. it was cooler when danimals did it

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  5. YMR

    after about 30 seconds i quit watching the snowboarding and got mesmerized by the rail starting close, then getting farther away, then getting close again. watched that for the rest of the edit.

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  6. jerm

    didnt feel like a high cascade edit. there were no 1 footers, flips, or only-if-your-in-the-know hand gestures.

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  7. Andrewreynolds

    How come Chris cloud is the only one doing smiths? That theres a skate rail

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  8. hater

    Fuck that first dude and his gay hipster ironic mustache. Seriously, you look like a FAG, you aren’t cool or scene or whatever you are trying to be you faggot hipster.

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  9. skeat

    hater^^^ (must be venting his sexual frustrations an fantasies upon the comment box…)

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  10. OWWW

    seriously, this should be in rejected edits solely because of the terrible filming

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  11. spkr

    fuckin yobeat! why would you post something so repetitive and fucking pointless. all of my edits are more interesting. haha. but really tho this was fucking stupid. was that the j crew team?

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  12. FilmerD

    Go film something other than some skate tricks on a 5 foot down bar. YOU GUYS HAVE SNOW. Use it.

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