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Windells 2012 Session 4 Mega Post!

Windells Session 4 is over and out. The sun was shining, the park was on point, and everyone at Windells was stoked to make lots and lots of slushy, summery turns. Stevie Bell, Nick Visconti, Jason Robinson, and Curtis Woodman returned to Windells for the Reunion Team Takeover Session. After reaching extremely high levels of epic-ness during their session in 2011, the four descended on camp for a second amazing week, this time adding Brent Oftedal to the roster, too.

The Reunion crew’s combined, explosive energy took camp by storm. On hill, in between warming up on the jumps and taking laps in the rail section, the group kicked off the fun with a high ollie contest. Mid-session, JRob, Curtis, and Stevie made tracks all over the mountain with a gaggle of excited campers, exemplifying what makes summer snowboarding so amazing.

On campus, Nick, Stevie, Jason, Curtis, and Brent skated, juggled soccer balls, and judged a doughnut-eating contest. They played defense at Stevie Bell’s Bump extreme knockout game (a camper-favorite). Nick and the crew from Sandbox Helmets set up a slip ‘n slide for a snowskate-distance competition. And, any time that the guys weren’t playing games with campers, they were destroying the Concrete Jungle.

“I love every minute of it up here,” said Stevie. “It’s so fun, from on hill snowboarding to the off hill activities, it keeps you real busy and the entertainment is amazing. The Concrete Jungle is so fun, I can’t stop skating. I know I only get to skate it a couple weeks out of the year and I dream about it the rest of the time.”

It was a snow-shredding, dodgeball-playing, concrete-slashing, trick-learning, awesome session and we can’t wait for the next one! Luckily for us, it’s another packed week. Session 5 brings Cam Pierce, Austin Sweetin, Niko Cioffi and some of the Gremlinz to camp! Stay tuned to for more updates.

Brent Oftedal – stalefish – p: Erik Hoffman

Derrek Lever – layback boardslide – p: Erik Hoffman

Evan Drage – p: Erik Hoffman

Justin Fronius – crippler tail – p: NJ Petersen

Jeremy Estorga – front three sad – p: Erik Hoffman

JROB – handplant – p: NJ Petersen

Nick Visconti – bs 180 Melon – p: NJ Petersen

Paul Gilbert – method – p: Erik Hoffman

Stevie Bell – indybone – p:NJ Petersen

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  1. jesse paul with those fucking pants again
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  2. windells-good
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  3. after watching the high cascade edit.. not as good.

    also isn’t hasn’t this song abd?

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  4. also hasn’t*
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  5. jesse paul you got a fire place? put thoes pants in their.
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  6. soooo tight!
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  7. windells makes edits too? that’s cute.

    just kidding relax kids/Tim. shit looks funnnnn.

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  8. High cascade is gay.
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  9. yeah jnorm with the ender! making bend proud!
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  10. that ‘camper’ who looks like he’s 12 has been in every single edit
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  11. Jesse probably goes on here, sees the comments about his pants, and keeps on wearing them because everybody hates them so much.
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  12. the camp of champions of the US
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  14. Who is stevie bell?
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  15. keep wearing those pants Jesse Paul.
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  16. Dylan is not a human
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