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It’s August, and while next winter is closer than ever  it also means another boring Friday, filled with not snowboarding and staring at your computer. If you’re at work, fuck it, it’s Friday, blow off that excel document and enjoy the videos below. If you’re on vacation, then kickback, relax and stare in amazement as some of the all time greats put on a show.

In 2003 snowboards began the transformation from planks of plastic and wood to engineered snow-destroying tools. Robot Food (RIP, god bless their beautiful souls) also put out “LAME” and David Benedek took a shit on the entire industry. Older than some snowboarders, this part is still amazing today, but a decade ago, it was simply unreal.

Speaking of Robot Food, their first (2002) release was nothing short of amazing. Every rider was talented, but clearly bored of the status quo. In my opinion, this couldn’t have been any more true for Travis Parker, who through sheer talent and style filmed a timeless part filled with one-footers and all sorts of randomness.

The death of Kingpin Productions was either the saddest or best thing to ever happen to snowboarding. While that crew was awesome, and gave snowboarding an edge, I don’t think the explosion of new video styles and underdog companies would have sprung up in the mid 2000s without Kingpin dissolving. Anyway, if you don’t like Scotty Wittlake, his part from “Happy Hour” or you just can’t realize how fucking insane this shit was in 2002 (or now) then I kindly ask you to get the fuck off Yobeat.

“Happy Hour” was truly awesome. The two VHS set I owned was even better. And, MFM’s part could potentially give you a stroke. Why? Because the dude made straight airs cool. Not only cool, but terrifying. Also, come on, a fake rap video? All the motion graphics and bullshit 3D, 1080HD bullshit in the world can’t compete with that.

Kevin Jones. Do you know Kevin Jones? Do you know him as anything more than the sorta chunky old guy who is, “…making a comeback” and hucking backflips? You should, because once upon a time he was the golden god, the billion time over rider of the year and honestly, just way beyond his time. Check him out here in 2001′s “Stand and Deliver.” *Note: Notice how all these guys just gave way less fucks than riders these days?

Finally, we’ve got this little gem about Tarquin Robbins. The footage is from the ’90s and he’s practically riding a washing board, but his style and trick selection would make him a full blown star in today’s Big Bear scene. Admit it, it’s true. It must have be weird being that much better than everyone else.

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26 thoughts on “Friday Fun

  1. ......

    Evol….. I still have mine. Sitting right next to my Peter Line D23 rainbow board. Fuck, I’m old.

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  2. Nick Lipton Post author


    That will come later. This was dedicated to a specific time period. Love/Hate, Neo Proto, they’ll have their day.


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  3. @@@@@@@brighton

    I wish I was part of this age of snowboarding, these guys kill it and couldnt give one fuck.

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  4. pump rat

    these parts are what made me love snowboarding more then skateboarding. i was only 12 in 2003 and travis parker was the best.

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  5. Third Man

    god damn Travis Parker has style. Robot Food got me into snowboarding and those movies still stoke me out. Thanks for posting these bangers Lipton.

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  6. turdfergu..SON!

    did you see how pressed that nosepress travis parker did on that mailbox was…………..on normal camber!!!! kids have it easy these days.

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  7. jerm

    @turdfergu..SON! camber doesnt = stiff. that part is sick but there is such a thing as soft camber snowboards.

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  8. He$h

    Reading Kevin Jones’ transworld article last year on my way to bachelor to ride nipple deep powder honestly changed snowboarding for me. What a fucking legend

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  9. turdfergu..SON!

    Jerm, as i do agree and realize this fact, a soft normal camber board from 2002 is by no means the same thing as a soft normal camber board from today. If you disagree man, to each there own. I remember riding boards like that and they were not soft compared to the noodles today.

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  10. upstatemike.

    Tarquin is and will always be the shit. He’s what got me into snowboarding back in the day. Watching videos from the 90′s gets me more psyched than most videos today. Just fucking up anything in your path and hauling ass. Kids need to put the cameras down, get a crew, and just fuck up your local shitty mountain.

    Maybe i’ll break out the Atlantis this year from my parents basement…

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  11. chester

    this post reminds me of how cool snowboarding was before it got super trendy, and everyone turned into huge faggots

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