Forgotten Spring in the UP

By • Aug 19th, 2012 • Category: Featured Videos, Features, Videos

Mitch Kirby and co. were so busy this summer trying to edit together their movie, they forgot about this spring time edit. So head back to a cooler, snowier time now.

Riding by Mitch Kirby, Jake Devries, Ian Dreher, and Brian Knapp
Filming by Matt Coobac, Edit by Mitch Kirby

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23 thoughts on “Forgotten Spring in the UP

  1. upstatemike.

    Just got a text,from a reliable source, informing me that apple has his own signature move called “The Cider Press” that he was rumored to have been putting to use on multiple young lucky ladies out at mount hood.

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  2. Eat My Ass

    I believe Jake Devries was spelled incorrectly. If i am correct it is spelled P.r.e. C.u.m.

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  3. precum

    listen to @eatmyass @kedo they know best. to all other weed connosiuers take note. my nugs are danker than yours. now go back to

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  4. SatanDave

    I always thought Ripley was a pile of shit, thanks for showing me that it still is. Good job makin use of it though. Weed in the U.P. used to be total shit though. Just sayin

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