Day in the Life of a Camp Counselor

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Super counselor Colton Morgan demonstrates the perks of the job.

Words: Darrah Reid-McLean. Photos Greg Furey

They aren’t as badass as The Diggers. They don’t work in a hot, sweaty kitchen like the K-Unit. But give the counselors some credit. These pseudo-adults are responsible for making sure children have the most fun possible off-hill and are in charge of keeping them too busy to do all the shithead teenage things that shithead teenagers get up to these days. Like banging in the bathroom or shooting drugs in the parking lot. Anyway, if you’ve ever wanted to be a camp counselor settle in, this is a day in the life.

7AM – Wake up.

7:15AM – Get 8-15 teenagers out of bed. Most difficult part of the day.

7:20AM – Literally drag remaining teenagers out of their beds, throwing objects at them until they’re up.

7:25AM – Wrangle 8-15 teenagers to breakfast.

8:50AM – Lock up house, herd teenagers to meet their coaches for the day.

8:52AM – “I forgot my gloves/sunglasses/lunch/whatever,” slap face, unlock house.

8:55AM – Lock up house, run to meet rest of counselors.

This is the point the campers know you’re cool. Shane Wright.

9:30AM – Drive van up mountain. Reflect upon how you’re responsible for the lives of X amount of children. Play Juicy J so teenagers think you’re tight and shit.

10AM to 1:30PM – Boardinnnn! Stomp hella tricks bro. (If you’re someone else. If you’re me, provide entertainment for diggers with your scorpioning down the landing of the jump.)

1:30PM – Drive back down to camp, unlock all camper houses. Wander from house to house making sure none of the campers are doing any bullshit things they shouldn’t be doing.

3:30PM – Clean up after 8-15 miscreants. Take cold shower because all the hot water has been used. Momentarily hate life.

3:50pm – Discover teenage boy and girl making out. Kind of grossed out, make them stop by yelling and snapping between their faces junior high mixer style.

Obviously this job isn’t all boarding, but that’s what we have pictures of. Andrew Aldridge

4PM – Meet with your campers! Give them heck if they’re late. Someone is always late.

4PM to 5:30PM – Activity time. Soccer (run aimlessly back and forth on the field), or skateboarding (try not to kill yourself learning to drop-in), or mountain biking (grip handle bars for dear life, and try not to get ejected from bicycle).

5:45PM – Overhear 16-year-old boys talk about how much ass they slay. Wonder why children are getting more action than you?

6:15pm – Discover boy and girl camper making out again in new location. Tell them to stop. Wash hands and feel sad.

7:15PM – Meet with your campers! Give them heck if they’re late. Same kid is late.

7:30PM – Discover camper peeing his pants for $50. Seriously consider doing it for $100 when offered. Decide it’s a bad idea — overdraft bank account hours later.

8PM – Walk upstairs to an extremely unpleasant smell in the kitchen. Learn that a camper has microwaved his wet snowboard socks.

8:30PM – Campers are congregated on the deck. Learn that they are watching people fall for the “poo dollar” prank. Tell them they are punks, and try not to laugh. Laugh inside for hours.

9PM – Curfew. Meet with campers! Talk about how awesome they are. Tell them why they shouldn’t grab tindy. If you have girl campers, gossip about boys, then try to encourage them to focus more on boarding, less on boarderboiizz.

11pm – Lights out.

11:30pm – Seriously, you fucking brats, it’s lights out.

Midnight – Fall asleep to the sounds of co-workers enjoying another fun-filled night in Govy. Sigh.

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39 thoughts on “Day in the Life of a Camp Counselor

  1. govy

    you also have to be a pretty big douche bag to work their to. it’s all about the dick your suckin

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  2. stingygoose

    wake up at 7am, go to bed at 11pm, only get 3.5 hours of snowboarding in per day. what a rip.

    Like or Dislike: Thumb up 4 Thumb down 3

  3. Rick Ross's Diabetic Uncle

    Darrah gets so bummed when you mention tosh.0 so make sure the next time you see her to address her as “that tosh.0 girl”

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  4. Bang

    This article sounds like exactly the life of my counseler, only he would be hyped to find you bangin a chick in the bathroom

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  5. Cappitano

    Holy shit man, this article made me feel so lucky to go to the adult camp and do whatever the I wanted. Happy 18th birthday!

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  6. Sean

    I was literally laughing out loud from top to bottom. It actually just made me want to be a camp councilor at High Cascade even more. Very well written. Thank you.

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    Tell them they are punks, try not to laugh then laugh inside for hours haha that is the truest truth

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  8. mn

    kids don’t want to wake up and do that shit all day? not tryin to hate but I feel like I would go balls out for the entire camp.. i mean there only a week or whatever right?

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  9. jerm

    ^some do. but others are just kids that like the idea of snowboarding better than actually snowboarding. so they go to a summer camp that has snowboarding as an activity, and not a snowboard camp.

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  10. NATHAN

    ohh man counselors got it bad. last job at camp I’d want hands down. what’s even worse is hcsc drug tests their employees… no weed = long days are even longer. and more depressing. but hey your at high classcade… you’ll be fine. your image is through the roof

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  11. terence

    Yeah, no weed is a real bummer. Wait; I’m not a literal OR figurative child who hasn’t somehow solved how to deal with day-to-day life without drugs. I guess it isn’t that big of a bummer.

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  12. keck

    Brings back memories. Except they left out interrupting campers smoking sessions and getting reamed for dropping campers on MTB rides and arriving back to camp without them. mmm K-unit. Dirties, Dump shack, Embob, Ratt Boy, Winter , Rod, Dustin, Hunter, Pue Daddy, Groomer Pat, mandy, Fast, Skosh, JP, Gabe, Hannum, Andy, tons more I will never forget, heres to the the days when you could burn a truck up in front of the Ratskeller and the cops would never show up. Best town ever back then. Not sure what it is like now. I hope its the same.

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  13. Matt

    Pahaha those were my socks in the microwave and my chalet doing the poo dollar hell yeeeee. Jenna aka mom coolest counselor along with darrah.

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