This Must be the Place. FULL MOVIE

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Thanks to everyone who made this video happen. Shot mostly in Salt Lake City during a year with minimal amounts of snow, we couldn’t have done it without the help of some awesome people. We hope you enjoy the movie and it makes you want to get out there and snowboard.

Featuring: Andrew Aldridge, Kevin Maples, Jesse Gouveia, Clay Hatzenbuhler, Cameron Gorby, Colton Morgan, Ben Strause, Cole Navin, Dom Luza, Michael Wick, Sam Taxwood, Garrett Warnick, Erik Leon, Phil Wettengel, Blaze Kotsenburg, Sean Whitaker, Shane Wright, Corey Schneider, Gared Schneider, Max Tokunaga, Chris Cloud, Max Warbington and Jordan Morse.

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90 thoughts on “This Must be the Place. FULL MOVIE

  1. FrontBluntsNcunts

    why was everyone hating on this must be the place like making Drunk jesse gouviea names and saying connor makes out with him? Then when the movie comes out everyone loves it, which they should.

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  2. gneerr

    There was some good riding. but these kids get more hype than this shows. its well put together and closer was very heavy but all this music and fancy camera and epic ramps and b roll is getting old.

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  3. ya id like to do that ya

    I rly wanna just fuckin meet blaze’s parents and give their hand/head a shake for the name choice

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  4. shaun white's vagina

    the last part was good shit, but overall i don’t get the hype?

    pretty average am movie these days, but they seem like cool dudes and i respect the work they put in.

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  5. shaun white's pubes

    it was more entertaining than watching me ride a halfpipe over and over again…

    i still prefer gay porn over snowboard movies though.

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  6. fukit

    dont get used to seeing jordan moarse, after voting for mit romney hell be taking a two year vacation to get more followers for his church.

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  7. !

    ok at 6:56 thats a mad underrated trick never really seen anyone pull that before dont know if its like taboo or something but YES

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  8. DJayBial

    jesse and connor have hawt butt sex all day and night long, jesse is the bottom of course, wu tang 4 life

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  9. your grandma

    i swear it was the same dressed same style kid the whole time. sick moves but come on, get you own style and quite trying so hard to look “cool”

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