Gunplay with Adam Franks

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Another Footyfiend homey, Adam Franks, and his 2011/12 season edit.

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23 thoughts on “Gunplay with Adam Franks

  1. BUTThead

    eh Bevis, this guy “boom” says get a steadycam er something, uhhhuhuhuh, what a like.. dumbass. uhuhuh. Steadycams suck. uhuhuhuhuh

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  2. the him

    nobody comments about how fucking high all the rails are at whistler. Us americans have it easy with our pussy 8 inch ollie ons

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  3. emma earl

    some pretty intricate snowboarding manuevers displayed in this short film. footyfiend on point fo sho. and i love trap music.

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  4. Serious Question

    My parents have offered to take me on a snowboard trip of my choice anywhere in the US over christmas break. I was hoping to hear some suggestions of places to go that will have their park set up by that time and have lots of snow. Thanks Yobeat!

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