Haunted Hyland

By • Oct 31st, 2012 • Category: Featured Videos, Features, Videos

House of 1817 loves to get spooky! Here’s their short film by Jake Durham and Riley Erickson filmed entirely at Hyland Hills in Bloomington, MN.

Filmed by: Jake Durham, Riley Erickson, Brett Spurr, Tanner Pendleton, Jon Stark

Edited by: Jake Durham and Riley Erickson

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39 thoughts on “Haunted Hyland

  1. wumbo

    I swear everything fronius does will be the most popular trick we’ll see in edits this year, the really good ones that is.

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  2. hyland kid

    travis peterson is pretty good for a fat kid.. someone should hook him up… with some more food.

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  3. FatBitch

    Danimals just flat out fucking kills it. But does anyone know the song for his part in this?

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  4. PoofaceKillah

    YEAhhh! Fronuis kills that shit.. I don’t understand you Jerm.. This is seriously the most entertaining shit.. I rather watch this than most snow flicks

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  5. riffraff

    i still remember the first time fronius back flipped the big rainbow a couple years back. hyland gold

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  6. Grag

    okay i just spend 2 hours trying to find the song in danimals part…someone help a brotha out!

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  7. OP will surely deliver

    So many rad dudes killin it in one edit! Cant believe I waited this long to watch this edit, Duluth love homies

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