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If you’ve watched the teasers and bonus footage and thought, what the hell are they saving for the full movie, all your questions will be answered in the next half hour. At long last, here is the I Ride Park City movie. Opening day is November 17th.

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is pretty.... awesome.
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17 thoughts on “IRPC FULL MOVIE

  1. zeachCREEPZ

    if Park City loses it’s lawsuit against The Canyons Resort and is no longer a resort who is down to burn the canyons to the ground and steal all park cities “old” rails which canyons has now

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  2. remos

    sick video. whoever filmed alex shermans part needs to back the fuck up when theyre using the fisheye. and this woulda been mind blowing if they didnt leak half the video in “full part” segments.

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  3. weednBREW

    @kittenpuncher park city had top park like 6-8 years ago they didnt just become like bear

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