Jonah Owen is a Rome Pro

By • Nov 1st, 2012 • Category: Featured Videos, Features, Videos

‘Bout damn time. Rome Snowboards recently announced its latest addition to the pro team, Jonah Owen. Word up, Jonah!

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22 thoughts on “Jonah Owen is a Rome Pro

  1. frankthatank

    dont force that style bro and go all hipster with the hipster tricks…blunts were slick

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  2. Chode

    Rome welcomes Jonah Owen to the HOMO team. SNowboarders are faggots. Sledding for Life bitches!

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  3. P-Diddy and da fam

    thats all it takes to be pro these days? fuck it I’m dropping my producing gig and giving this snowboarding thing a try. looks fucking easy

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