In Good Faith FULL MOVIE

By • Nov 2nd, 2012 • Category: Featured Videos, Features, Videos

Here’s a full movie from Austria that appears to be influenced by COMUNE films and maybe even art school. And also has some good boarding.

Riders: Florian Galler, Georg Obermeissner, Sebi Müller, Gerald Fuchs, Georg Ischepp, Florian Pötzl, David Struber and more Friends

filmed, edited and produced by Lukas Lerperger

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19 thoughts on “In Good Faith FULL MOVIE

  1. Poofacekillah

    @ vid , ready to give him big thumbs down regardless of what he says? O maybe that’s just me

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  2. dennis

    @jerm, i guess to see how bad of a job your mother did raising you. seeing how horrible of a person you are makes me feel better about myself. @chode you wouldn’t be even close to the first one.

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  3. jerm

    @dennis, you win. youve bested me. damn youre clever, i thought i had heard all the comebacks and witty retorts. then you come out with that heater. well done.

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