Red Alert: Denis “Bonus” Leontyev

By • Nov 4th, 2012 • Category: Featured Videos, Features, Videos

It seems the Internet gives him mixed reviews but we like this guy. He’s like a short, Russian Mike Cassanova.

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29 thoughts on “Red Alert: Denis “Bonus” Leontyev

  1. 2cent$

    Not hating – this kid is really talented, but his snowboarding reminds me of 2007. No style and just spinning on and off. No presses or originality. So much potential to put it together but the wackest trick selection.

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  2. OscarGrouch

    yuk, should stay off the street. His windells vid from way back was gnarly but I guess it doesnt suit street

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  3. Jimbo

    Shame on you yobeat for even attempting to downgrade or belittle this dope ass part by saying the internet gave him “mixed reviews,” Who the Fuck cares! His riding’s ill

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