Utah in October

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Jeff the Athlete and friends got it done at Powder Mountain and Guardsman Pass before it decided to be 50 degrees every day again.

Riders: Jeff Holce, Ryan Lanham, Dylan Trewin, Seamus Foster, Griffin Lancaster, Jon Overson, Mark Pairitz, Jamie Orkin, Nicky Mcmillen, Mitchell Mciver, and Erik Overson.

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43 thoughts on “Utah in October

  1. dudesmissinout^

    im from the east coast and lived in colorado two years and now utah as of last year. Utah has HOT GIRLS GOOD WEED AWSOME terrain parks. and i have met more non mormons in utah than mormons.. wierd but true. Oh yeah and back country something we didnt have

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  2. future drunk

    worst things about utah: full strength bear sold at state liquor stores is NOT chilled (wtf?), a dusting of weed in your car gives you jail time, its all about how cool you “think” you look (ie saga headquarters based here). the backcountry is dubbed the “wasangeles” due to how goddamn crowded it gets. and all the elitism that goes on… from those who think park city must be the place, or that brighton is wayy better, to the snowbird tram fudge packed with jocks tryin to smell your breath then race to who can strap in the fastest before side slipping a chute first, and then all the ski jabronies who think boarders are the problem… no thanks, you kooks can keep it

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  3. Future Drunk

    don’t get mad cause that stuff is all true… and colorado? no thanks. I would rather ride where the scene isn’t blown out and full of bros (very similar to utah actually though you won’t admit it)

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  4. VV

    The thing about utah is everyone who isnt a real snowboarder, snowboarded a few times or got a season pass when they were 8, everyone in utah has snowboarded. So there are some bros, but its not colorado

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  5. Panther

    Utah is for hipsters…..Oh I used to wear abercrombie and hollister, but now the cool thing is to be outdoorsy, I think I will move to Utah and start shopping at dogfunk and REI

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  6. Connor

    Utah, Tahoe, Oregon, Montana, Colorado. All rad as fuck everyone get off your high horse and quit bitching

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  7. fired

    @future drunk is just a little hater ass bitch. i live in tahoe but i think utah’s the shit! where do you live thats so much cooler than utah? and why are you hating anyway?

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  8. randy mathews

    I’ve been living in Park City for like a month now and its sick, I’ve had no awkward occurrences with Mormons and you get drunk as fuck. Since places can’t have happy hours, they just have cheap prices all day everyday so suck it

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  9. HotDamn

    Damn all you mother fuckers need to stfu and stop hating WTF does it matter what you fucking think about something that’s on the fucking internet.

    Enjoy the videos, and keep jerking off. You Fucks.

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  10. babygail420fourU

    This edit sucked, Utah fucking rules. Most of you faggots that never lived here or have zero history haven’t really experienced utah. Mormons are everywhere in salt lake but park city is SIN CITY. It’s a little bubble of every flavor from people all over the world. Great partys, Great pow, Great park, Great nightlife.. Have fun riding garbage this year

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  11. Jesse Goochviea

    12 oz of regular beer has the same alcohol content as 14oz of Utah beer. (GOOGLEDATSHIT)

    2 fluid oz is definitely a reason to hate the state.

    Yobeat should ditch its faggot ass intern. He looks/behaves like a complete tool. How’s all the cock sucking treating you?

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  12. westminster is4 hipsterfagg0ts

    Intern frank is such a fucking cockmongler. He looks like a fuck with a lazy eye, clearly never gets women (drunk pro-hos/yobeatbitches don’t count) and has never been funny. I hope your ugly ass falls flat on your face when your “IN” to the snowboard industry falls through. I can’t wait to piss all over your burger flipping ass with my degree.

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  13. crazy joe davola

    yo where is this spot? if its warm out can you skate there? is security super harsh?

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  14. ill a noiz

    i know bens got a broken ankle. but stoop footy isnt the same with out him. Ben Hannon for president. 2012

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