View from Rock Bottom FULL MOVIE

By • Nov 5th, 2012 • Category: Featured Videos, Features, Videos

Who knew “rock bottom” was in Illinois?

Riders: Benny Kaufman, Jose Magra, Jake Moore, Al Binder, Paul Buck, Jessi Huege, Scott Rutherford, Mitch Kirby, Brandon Sakiewicz and Friends

Movie filmed and edited by Johnny Huege and Friends

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31 thoughts on “View from Rock Bottom FULL MOVIE

  1. Zoo

    That was better than mind the video man and dark side. Hope no one tried to rob you, murder you and buttfuck your corpse in a ditch while you were in Kalamazoo.

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  2. theseniggas

    Stayed with some of these cats while i passing thru getting my couch surf on in colorado… didnt even know who they were till now. small world.

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  3. Simon the swede

    How the hell does an old swedish rocksong not many know about in sweden end up in this vid!?

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  4. simonrdc

    this is probably my favorite urban video of this year. shitty cameras, shitty editing, and complete unknowns throwing down harder than most pros. so sketchy spots, so gnar!! get these guys a decent camera and some editing equipment and videograss can go and kick the bucket! big props from germany!

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