Terrible Tuesday: Jed’s Rail Garden Gap Session RAW

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One day about a year and a half ago Justin Meyer called me up to see if I could help him out. His camera was getting fixed and Jed was in town and looking to get a move down the Rail Gardens gap. I brought my camera down and another that I borrowed from the studio I was working at. Justin shot the A fisheye angle and I shot the B/C long angle. This is what went down.

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is pretty.... awesome.
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29 thoughts on “Terrible Tuesday: Jed’s Rail Garden Gap Session RAW

  1. John

    everyone knows shaun white is the best thing to happen to snowboarding. he’s a fucking prophet.

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  2. DTT

    Eww. Let’s not talk about Shaun White in a comment feed about Jed Anderson please. Shaun white is not even close to being in the same category of epic.

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  3. John

    @lurkin thank you! jesus there’s no fucking way you can hate on jed anderson. HE’S the prophet!!!

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