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At long last, snowboarding’s hardest suburban white girls drop their full flick.

Riders: Marie Hucal, Fancy Rutherford, Jessie Huege, Darrah Reid-McLean, Desiree Melancon, Joanie Robichaud, Joelle “JJ” Juchli, Gabby Maiden, Madison Blackley, Mary Rand, Taylor Elliot, Alice Gorton, Marie-Andree Racine, Gillian Andrewshenko, Vanessa Moore, Sara Berdayes, Luci Imbach, Alexa McCarty.

A movie by Danyale Patterson

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Comments (119)

  1. this must have taken a lot of adderall dangy. good shit.

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  2. I will fuck your whole family

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  3. Fuck yeah ladies, lettin em knowww.

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  4. so which one of you girls will sucking my dick in the gondola at loon this year?

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  5. @ cascadia411:

    I’m not hating on these girls for not doing triple kinks. It’s great that they’re are having fun and working to produce their own vid. Here is the issue: I would be willing to bet that a lot of the guys that criticize edits like “Too Hard” do so because there is a clear double standard between men and women snowboarders. There were perhaps a handful of tricks at most in this vid that I can’t do, and as a guy this is nothing to brag about. If I were a girl, I (and probably a lot of yobeat guys) would fit right in this vid. As a guy, however, I am considered only mediocre compared to other crews of guys putting out multiple edits a year.

    I agree that there are a lot of negative comments on this vid, including mine. However, I’m not going lie and say I’m watching this edit multiple times and getting inspired to zeach down a ten-stair handrails with a lip so big it’s practically a ride-on. In contrast to vids like “Too Hard,” watching the edits put out by crews like bhappy, gremlinz, etc. makes me truly excited to snowboard.

    And for the record, I’m 1) in a 4+ year relationship with 2) a beautiful girl who does snowboard (but doesn’t think she’s hot shit like a lot of girls because she can front board a box). She is better than most girls I know who are constantly trying to impress guys by talking about how hard they “shred” and bragging about making the finals of some rail jam with only 4 girls competing. It’s irrelevant if any yobeat commenters have girlfriends who snowboard anyway. You don’t have to be dating a pro snowboarder to know that most “good” girls are just not in the same league as most “good” guys. A lot of the spots in this vid are in several other big name vids. Watch how the Videograss guys ride, for example, then compare it to girls in this edit and others hitting those same features. 3) I can never do good handplants, but I can do 95% of the ticks in this edit and in most cases with better style (with the notable exception of Desiree). There isn’t one rail/jump/feature in this edit that I wouldn’t feel comfortable attempting myself, but that’s nothing to brag about. I acknowledge that I don’t cut it compared to the guy crews you see filming at Northstar, Boreal, etc.

    TL-DR: It’s great that these girls are having fun and being creative on their snowboards and with their editing, but don’ttell me that you are as stoked to watch “Too Hard” as you are (for example) one of the Gremlinz vids.

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  6. behind the scenes gyno visit hahahahahahaha

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  7. nicely done ladies. haters gonna hate. Making girls snowboarding exciting.

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  8. that was pathetic, terrible editing and the 1st song was one of the worst ive ever heard, highlight of the video was the guy riding backwards on the bike handlebars

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  9. those were girls?

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  10. Id spit on a clit or 2

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  11. Hell yeah Dangy that was sick! keep it up.

    good to see people doing something awesome and
    productive with their time instead of just talking shit.

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  12. come on, wheres the taylor swift songs at? lol… but in all seriousness, it would be great if some girls would be themselves while snowboarding, instead of these fake-gangsters…

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  13. Great job. How many people have actually filmed & edited their own movie? Uh —- not many! Keep it up…. girls rule!

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  14. that actually was really fucking awesome.

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  15. well done ladies!

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  16. i remember my first rail to 180 u girls need to man up and start to try harder trix

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  17. Lemme smang it giiirrrlls

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  18. …you’re trying too hard. Cut the gangster bullshit, it’s not attractive, and just because you’re a bunch of girls doesn’t change that. The riding wasn’t too hard, so maybe consider focusing an ALL GIRLS snowboarding film that accurately portrays how GIRLS ride, which is NOT TOO HARD, apparently. Pick a title that doesn’t set you up for failure is what I’m saying. With that, either rename it Two Tits or keep the name and fucking show up and put down some serious tricks. I’ll let double standards get my attention (trust me that’s in your favor for now), but no way are double standards going to allow me to be impressed.

    Next time focus more on having genuine fun, friends and adventure. Tool on and toy with the all the burnout guys that are never going to make it in snowboarding. And no matter what, don’t let assholes like me talking shit discourage you. Fucking keep at it.

    Oh yeah, and stop smashing glass everywhere, you DO just look like a bunch of stupid bitches when you do that. Thank you.

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