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Yobeat Trivia X Drifting Decade Book Release at Nemo

General Knowledge

1. Bozwreck is mostly known for its video production, but also a line of snowboards, and face tatttos. Who are the founding members of this rag-tag snowboard movement?

Matty Ryan and Nate Bozung

2. Set in the winter of 1998/99, what Northwest resort holds the record for the most snow in a single season?

Mt. Baker

3. The skatepark in Mammoth Lakes is named for this rider who tragically passed away in Japan. Name him.

Jeff Anderson

4. There are three snowboarders who have won TWO Olympic gold medals. Name two of them.

Shaun White, Seth Wescott and Phillip Schoch

5. Which legendary rider is the R & D Facility at Burton named for?

Craig Kelly

6. Celebrating its 31st year running, this major snowboarding event will take place in Vail for the first time this season. Name it.

The US Open Snowboarding Championships

Audio/Visual – 3 Points Each

1. Since he loved to gamble, this 1990s pro’s graphics often featured Vegas-inspired themes. This one, released in 1997, looked like a craps table. Name this rider.

Jeff Brushie

2. Mikey Leblanc in known for losing his shit and can be seen in this video doing just that. Name it.


3. In 1996, Ingemar Backman broke the high air record with this massive backside air. Name the photographer who captured this image. Was it:

A.Tim Zimmerman
B. Daniel Blom
C.Trevor Graves
D. Jeff Curtes

4. You may hear this song daily in Portland, but which rider used it in the 2003 video “Lame”?

Bobby Meeks

5. Travis Rice is basically insane, and has put down some of the craziest tricks ever done over this Utah spot. Name it.

Chad’s Gap

History – 5 Points Each

1. The first gold medal in snowboarding ever awarded was taken away after its recipient tested positive for Marijuana. Who was this law-breaking Canadian?

Ross Rebagliati

2. The first World Championships included the first-ever organized Halfpipe Competition. Not everyone was excited, in fact Jake Burton tried to get the discipline banned. Where was this iconic contest held?

Soda Springs, CA

3. What was the first mountain to allow snowboarding? Bonus: Name the three resorts that still do not ( 1 pt each).

Suicide Six. Bonus: Mad River Glen, Alta and Deer Valley

4. The Snurfer was invented in 1965 in Meskegon, Michigan by who?

Sherman Poppin

5. Contrary to popular belief, Yobeat was not the first snowboard blog. What was the name of the very first snowboard blog?

Tie-breaker: Yobeat Trivia

1. Name the TWO original founders of Yobeat (and Nick Lipton is not one of them.)

Brooke Geery and Rachel Cotton

2. Name all four Toeside Terrors.

Mr. Anonymous, Tech, Terry Dactyl and Weekend Warrior

3. What is the name of the Unofficial neighborhood Yobeat HQ is located in – two possible acceptable answers.

The Historic Flavel Arts District or Felony Flats

4. Who makes the series Terrible Tuesdays?

Pat Fenelon

5. Who is Yobeat’s faithful Mascot?

Party Time Nate

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  1. got that brushie twin brand new in the bag for sale, rare purple colorway. somebody nerd out and buy it so i can afford to pay rent in tahoe thanks.
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  2. Ingemar (riding for atlantis snowboards) photo was also captured in a sequence in TWS by Vianney Tisseaue.
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