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Colorado Early Season Mega Post

Oh hey guys, have you heard? Colorado resorts are open and the parks are firing! And this year, we’ll get to see every minute of the action thanks to these crews, and probably more. Since it’s November, we’re feeling generous, so we’re posting them all. But once other places open up, there won’t be enough space on our servers for EVERYONE, so let’s make this fun. At the end of the post, you can vote for the crew (or crews) you want to see this season. The winner will be guaranteed Yobeat features all winter long, and the losers, well, you’ll have to deal with Jerm to get through.

Summit Media Labs

We’ll start things off at Copper, which is apparently where the coolest pros and bros are. Here’s some snowboard stunting from Chad Otterstrom, Matt Guess, Pat Moore and Red Gerard.

The Canadian Kid

Then we’re gonna head slightly East and spend some quality time at Keystone, where, judging by our submissions folder, there’s a crew posted up at EVERY feature in the park. Cody Sheppard came all the way from Alberta to warm things up.

Buck 90

Then we turn things over to Buck 90 for a little action from Stefan Kuhsel, Adam Palkie, D-Block, Lamb, Ian Smith, Steve Lauder, Ben Wachowiak, Jeff Deforge.


And finally, Mobbin’ is out there. Featuring: Colin Hart, Jack Dawe, Kai Wiggins, Brendan Hart, Zach Normandin and Blake Axelson.

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Comments (67)

  1. My treasure trail is getting long as shit

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  2. @KC KYLE

    different strokes for different blokes. just because you love something doesn’t mean that everyone does. You should acept this fact unless your just a narrow minded hater. cool story bro.

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  3. matt g you fucking suck. just because you work a summit media labs doesnt mean your good enough to film.

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  4. @ kc kyle. i ain’t quite too sure what rock you crawled out from under but most folks in this fine country don’t consider 6 inches of snow bottomless. perhaps if your a skinny little feller and can float on top of that snow, but six inches falling on top of rocks, twigs, grass, and critters aint gonna do a whole lot to make other folks jealous. pretty sure you shouldn’t give a damn, live in summit, or be hanging out on yobeat if you feel so darn remiss at people getting there fixin by going out and doing some slippin and a sliddin on some metal obstacles

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  5. Red with some Zeach(S) of the week, possibly month.

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  6. BUCK 90 = IP Changers

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  7. @merica

    6” in town is 6 feet at 12000 feet, now ride some wind-loaded terrain and thats 10 feet. it was bottomless atop vail pass last weekend. you are the prime example of the people in summit. Im honestly glad you don’t go out looking for it.

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  8. Park is soooo chill…

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  9. KC Kyle, if you would’ve hiked to 120,000 feet like I did you would’ve gotten 60 feet. Stop pretending are are do core because I’m am the contest and you can suck my core balls

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  10. Is everyone else having trouble determining if KC Kyle is being a troll on purpose, or is he actually retarded? I feel bad laughing because it could possibly be morally wrong if it’s the latter of the two. Also, KC Kyle, I was at 11,500 feet, and there was maybe six inches. I guess I should have hiked up 500 more feet for the extra 5 and a half feet of fresh. This is how I read your comment,”I am a pussy, so I hate on people who try dangerous tricks in the park, and I go ride back country. Normally that would be fine, but obviously I suck because I’m trying to convince everyone on yobeat that there is 6 feet of fresh. This is how I try to justify my ‘pussiness’. Although unrelated, my mom wanks me off while reading me the little “engine” that could before bed every night” end qoute.

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  11. @everyone

    haha chillll breh dudebro vail pass had 4 feet of snow not 6(still bottomless). sorry for exaggerating how much snow there was. I’m even more sorry you don’t know where to must be in Summit, it is known that the Vail Valley literally takes almost all the snow before it gets to summit. One thing we are missing is those awesome jumpz. Vail cat drivers literally are out to kill, which is okay with me. If you can successfully hit all of Vail’s jumps on any given day, your deemed really good in my book.

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  12. Looks like the little fella answered my question. I think everyone here should give him a gold star for learning to use the computer all by his self.

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  13. @everyone

    so how angry are you that you hiked to 11500 and only had 6”? That must have really sucked, then having to hike down. jesus. wind loaded slopes, not wind scoured, bro.

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  14. so 6″ in the valley is 6′ in the mountains?

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  15. Talk to Matt Guess about Johnny Paxson. The boss who would always make Matt shutup because of his ability to ride.

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  16. @weinerhouse you can’t hate on the riding so you hate on that song. Sick bro.

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