Digi Cam Glam FULL MOVIE

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Just when you though the Internet couldn’t be more clogged… ANOTHER full movie… Filmed entirely without the use of fancy camera equipment.

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50 thoughts on “Digi Cam Glam FULL MOVIE

  1. kvlt

    official GBP & bHappy beef.
    i’d watch this pussyboiz movie a hundred times over any shitty gremlinz edit.
    bang bang OJC fo LYF

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  2. The riding?, the editing? the music??? Wow what a movie?

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    What a waste of time and money. This is the biggest pile of shit I’ve ever seen. There are girl movies that are way better than this. Do yourself all a favor and move out of your parents basement and ride some real mountains. Seriously if this were a film festival I’d give it last place. TWO Thumbs DOWN

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  4. OJC except in pow.

    Open jacket only works when your in sunny cali. and having the worst snow season in 50 years. Come back to the NW and try that in January, you’ll catch hypothermia then pneumonia…(hopefully).

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  5. Good thing for man made snow.

    It sucks your state didn’t get any snow last year. Maybe if you move to Alaska you can get more urban shots. Who cares about riding powder? That’s what its all about right? Rails and park jumps.
    I can’t wait for the sequel of the movie, it should be called “I think I should be sponsored but can’t land anything out of the park” Stick to the skateboarding that was at least difficult.
    Giant bag of suck.

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  6. West Virginian Confederate

    Ya’ll Californians need to zip up your jackets and quit talking like our president.
    It would be more entertaining if ya’ll were skiing. Please stay in California.
    I’d rather listen to country music making out with my fat cousin than watch whatever you call that sad excuse for a school project.

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  7. The Never Ending Boring

    This movie stuck worse than if the bog of eternal stench was drank by Moira the tortoise then sneezed back in your face blowing the entire cast of this junk show into the swamps of sadness.
    I’m allergic to hipster wiggers.

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    All you fucking idiots that thought this was serious should punch yourselves in the face. Everyone in this video is sponsored, published, or in Paul’s case an industry respected filmer. Telling them to practice, stay in California, or learn to ride just makes you look ignorant. Next time before you start to talk shit, maybe you should use your common sense… or try and follow someone besides Travis Rice in the snowboarding industry. OJC. Still Open.

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  9. iheartpark

    you would think that the target demo of this website would surely get the fact that this video was done as a JOKE. guess the joke is on all you way too serious too cool for school hipster uber shredders.

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  10. Sponsored by your mommy and daddies

    If you all are sponsored how come I’ve never heard of any of you? Just because you sucked some Team Managers dick and got a free board doesn’t mean you’re sponsored. OJC sucks worse than catching your toe edge and doing scorpions down an east coast mogul field.

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  11. @42

    Sammy Spiteri is in Holy Smokes and the newest issue of snowboarder. Paul has filmed shots in half the movies out there. Colton Morgan is on Salomon and filmed with Working for the City. Durell has shots in VGs Enlighten. Now go fuck yourself idiot.

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    At least Gremlin videos don’t use wack music. And show guys holding hands and what about the guy talking about the lip is too tall? If its a joke he sure has that voice down.

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  13. Gremlinz

    Hey dumb ass, that video from guys holding hands is from The Gremlinz TVC edit. Try again you mark ass buster.

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  14. OJC Supporter

    AHAHAHHAHAH. Everyone thinks this is serious but it’s not. These guys are just having fun. So what if they used linkin park? They’re almost all better than anyone of you guys saying they suck. This movie is the best thing since sliced bread, more tastier too.

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