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LRG Adds Gucci Mane to the Team

Lifted Research Group and its dynamic #LRGSNOW team proudly announces the signing of Radric Devonte Davis — better known as platinum Atlanta rapper Gucci Mane — to the team for the upcoming season.

Joining a stacked roster that already includes notable performers like John Jackson, Chris Grenier and Frank April, Mr. Mane brings with him an immense “snow” knowledge to a squad already filled with powder pros.

To mark the occasion, #LRGSNOW and Gucci present a promotion for dedicated brand enthusiasts that will culminate in a different lucky winner taking home $1000 USD worth of LRG gear everyday between November 19-22.

When asked to comment on the budding relationship Gucci Mane commented, “Can’t nobody F**k with us #LRGSNOW.

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  1. your daily WTF moment brought to you by Yobeat.
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  2. :57 “white people”
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  3. gUcci mAn3 4 pRez
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  4. my president is black
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  5. Should have just bit the bullet and put Chief Keef on the team.
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  6. dont listen to that much gucci mane but he seems like he has a good sense of humor
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  7. fuck yeah grendys got to hang with the trap god… burr
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  8. can’t wait for the full part
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