A Hump Day History Lesson with Brad Steward

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25 thoughts on “A Hump Day History Lesson with Brad Steward

  1. KC KYLE

    @KC KYLE(the fake)

    fuck you man i just read this whole thing, word for word. Awesome interview, Brooke. I<3Yobeat

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  2. Dunno

    I was really disappointed when I discovered that Brad Steward wasn’t one of the Gremlinz. WTF, YoBeat?

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  3. It's fun to think about

    This would of been a lot easier to read if I wasn’t immediately forced to think of the policeman from the Village people right off the bat.

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  4. Third Man

    So down with interviews about people who made snowboarding what it is today and not the latest teenager enjoying their 15 min of fame

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  5. ble

    fascinating, thanks for the actual informative article guys, bit better then an interview with some dude who doesnt snowboard…. brought up some great points about the ski/snowboard rivalry and how we wouldnt be here without the help of these ski companies. also love that he shouted out airblaster even though their one of his competitors. great stuff.

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  6. The Catfish

    YoBeat have you ever thought of picking up where Powder & Rails left off? Something more like Epicly Later’d that would focus on past riders who were raw like Tarquin Robbins and other riders. I feel like most people my age (22) and younger would like to know more about our roots.

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  7. snatch

    Awesome piece. But sucks now I gotta hear the 18 year olds talk about how they know everything about the history of snowboarding.

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  8. bill

    i think he needs to go to meadows and hike under the lift w/ a snowskate so the snowboarders can spit on him.

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  9. Buzztronic

    Heres my two cents, you hit it right on the head. My friends and I got snowboarding allowed on the slopes of Oregon. It was a long hard path. We competed and rode with Kidwell, Sims, Kelly(rip) and alot of other legendary riders, tryed to get skateparks built and to this day still help run surf contests and skate contests. For over 30 years I have been trying to keep board sports in a positive light to others wether its cops, city officials, or communities if we ALL don’t do our part our sports can end up being outlawed by clowns that don’t understand us and our sports. So try and be a positive energy when you do your sports, think before you act. You guy all rip it up OK. :)

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  10. Skunky J

    Amazing interview. Brad Stewart got it years before anyone else would even understand what it is. This interview makes me wanna support Bonfire with my money even more.

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  11. Bert LaMar

    Is this a piece on Brad Steward or Rob Halford? Cause that title pic has me confused. Either way, awesome dudes that have given and given over the decades… Halford, I’m guessing has taken a few over the years.

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