There Goes… The Teaser

By • Nov 21st, 2012 • Category: Featured Videos, Features, Videos

Our favorite Aussies have escaped the island and have plans to trek across Japan, Canada and maybe even ‘merica. Featuring Jye Kearney & Jake McCarthy and friends.

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24 thoughts on “There Goes… The Teaser

  1. The king

    that red jacket makes you look like a fink ass bitch. red jackets with studs is only cool for elvis

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  2. jerms son

    the fuckin red jacket guy had horrible style and zeached way too hard on one of those tricks

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  3. kalle

    why so much hate? the red jacket guy is the cleanest rider i’ve seen for a while! Dropp your big ass goggles and tolerate…

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  4. paul

    must be weird to be from a country where your best snowboarder is a red headed f()ck that everyone despises.

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  5. Ancient greek

    I hang heavy things from the end of my dick so the forey stretches out like a party balloon

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