Anecdote: Killington

By • Nov 24th, 2012 • Category: Featured Videos, Features, Videos

So Killington has some rails open, which is probably pretty cool, if you’re into that sort of thing. Cannucks Mark Goodall, Danny Glibota, Alex Ioannidis and Mike Chmil head down to test them out.

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26 thoughts on “Anecdote: Killington

  1. boom

    this filmer films how KTC films… it is like a kid trying to mimic Jed Anderson, pretty terrible. Get your own style and I’m down.

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  2. @boom

    Or is KTC biting almost every big time industry skate/snow filmer out there? No hate towards Lars, hagan and all those dudes (all great filmers who know how to use a lens).

    Everything has already been done. If you see a style you like, you’re gonna take it and try and put your own spin on it just like everyone has done before. Stop trying to set trends. I’m sick to hearing that KTC is the only crew allowed to use timelapses, ramp slomos and film burns cause you ride their bones. Hipster kooks..

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  3. wade thomas

    heard mark and his friends share a porn subscription. post that shit on yobeat. thanks -wade

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  4. Z@@

    I don’t get why people keep sending edits into yobeat, people either go “yeah that was pretty cool” or you get relentlessly hated on for days. You can’t win.

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  5. the man

    A lot of sponsors for a sub-par edit… maybe I am just getting spoiled these days with all the crazy shit people are doing but I feel like most crews could film those tricks in one run

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  6. Alex biellawski

    Ya i copy ktc. I dont even know what I’m doing… Momma bought me an hvx and i suck at boarding so why not.

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  7. mdot

    some of the riding was great and a lot of it was real shitty too. whoever is editing could save their friends some hate if they didnt show the shitty shots. minus the zeaches and early offs you had an awesome minute and a half long edit.

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