Signal’s Minnesota House- Episode 2

By • Nov 26th, 2012 • Category: Featured Videos, Features, Latest, Videos

In this episode…The house visits SIA in Denver and Yusaku arrives in Minnesota.

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22 thoughts on “Signal’s Minnesota House- Episode 2


    Fuck you chode, I’m almost positive your That fucker KC Kyle, but I can’t be sure yet, so watch your back, cuz fucking two dicks KINGDOLPHIN is watching. ;)

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  2. fired

    you went to the trade show, you skated some miniramp, and you shredded one side hit for an hour. now you’re like every other snowbro ever. i hope there’s some actual content soon cuz so far these signal house edits have been gayer than aids…

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  3. MTV

    Hey this is Jimmy John, a talent cordnator from MTV and I was wondering if 1817 would be intrested in a TV series? I see great potential

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  4. Jesue

    I feel like I’ve seen this episode a thousand times, but with different riders. Put something fresh together. Who’s editing? Dunken?

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