A ThirtyTwo x DGK Snowboard: Winner Announced!

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Snowboarding is full of dirty ghetto kids, so it’s fitting that ThirtyTwo would collab with DGK and make a run of snowboards. Even Stevie Williams is excited!

“I’m hyped to be doing this collab with Thirtytwo. I just went snowboarding recently and it was cool to be able to represent DGK out there on the mountain. This signature line allows all of the DGK fans worldwide to swag it out on the slopes. The fit, the design, and colors all came out dope and I think that people are really going to be feeling it.”

THIS CONTEST IS OVER! Apparently some of you have ESP, so instead of giving away one board, we’re giving away 5, to the people who guessed next year’s 32 collab — It’s Crab Grab x 32, and we’re also giving points for those who said Lib Tech, as they’re making the boards. So the leavers of the following comments should check their email:

Comment # 38 – Yo

Comment #54 – Mike T

Comment # 135 – Boardless :(

Comment # 221 – Rico

Comment # 317 – Austin Davis

Thanks to everyone who entered!

This giveaway is kindly brought to you by ThirtyTwo. Like them on Facebook, brands love that shit.

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448 thoughts on “A ThirtyTwo x DGK Snowboard: Winner Announced!

  1. Drake

    Vans and 32. Snowboard boots that look like classic vans skate shoes with the waffel sole.

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  2. Patrik

    Thirtytwo x Union would be cool! Thirtytwo boots and union bindnings fit perfect, imagine matching colors, booom!

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  3. ShredZgnar

    Signal should make a collab board requiring no bindings with thirtytwo boots built in

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