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RIP Jason Schilling

On Saturday morning, one of our boys passed away in a car accident, so in honor of him we put together a little edit of shots we had from this weekend. Jason was a pretty damn good snowboarder, and he just got a job on park crew for Big Boulder Park. The kid loved snowboarding, so in memory of him we are posting weekly edits. You don’t have to post any of them, but if you would be so kind and do this for our dude, it would be very appreciated. If he knew our edit for him got on Yobeat, he would freak the fuck out.

Thanks for sending guys, here’s your post and our deepest sympathies go out to you and Jason’s family.

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Comments (7)

  1. yobeat has a heart
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  2. Thaks Yobeat for posting some real shit.
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  3. OG sound track, RIP dude.
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  4. killin it back east!
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  5. Ahh I thought Jason Schilling was going to be in the edit! Or is he? Idk. RIP tho.
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  6. This means alot, thanks guys. Rip Jason
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  7. Thanks for posting this. Jay would have loved it!
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