32 Spot Check: Woodward Boreal

By • Dec 6th, 2012 • Category: Featured, Features, Videos

No, Catfish, we don’t think there’s any tricks Brandon Hobush can’t do on a rail. Woah, that was a lot of negatives, but they add up to a positive. We think.

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35 thoughts on “32 Spot Check: Woodward Boreal

  1. soft&chewy

    i usually hate when skatings thrown into a snowboard edit, but this is one of the best videos ive seen in a while. so clean.

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  2. bestPARTis....

    best part is neither of them are pro and honestly i think they are better than most pro’s (at rails)

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  3. sham

    2 of snowboarding’s cleanest styles in one edit. if danimals was in this my eyeballs would explode

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  4. frank

    So good to see a humble east coast kid starting to blow up. Respect to Tyler that was dope as hell

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  5. sc00tkrue

    these guys dont have any swag they suck at snowboarding why does one wear tight pants and the other wears those stuppid baggy pants thos pants arent fhresh bro and i think that woodward sucks because they dont let my scoot crue skoot in there we could def mcbride flip that foam pizzy. and 42 boots sux i like my lamars way better but they dont match my goggles so i might pick up some burtons -dueces

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