Single Cork Part 1: Anthony Lakes

By • Dec 6th, 2012 • Category: Featured, Features, Videos

From the desk of Airblaster:

Hidden deep in the Willowa Mountain Range resides the “Friendliest Little Ski Area in America” Anthony Lakes. Since we’re the friendliest snowboard company, we had to take our family out there to see what it had to offer. In part one of Singlecork, Brandon Cocard, Ben Lynch, Kazu, Ricky Hower, Cale Meyer and Jesse Grandkoski head out the best kept secret in Oregon for some family fun time on the hill.

Singlecork is a shred flick with friends, powder, side hits, gaps, launchers, rhythm sections and even completely inverted aerials. Head over to to pick up your own free copy of Singlecork!

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10 thoughts on “Single Cork Part 1: Anthony Lakes

  1. Simon the swede

    It is not much in the cyberspace we live in that gets you this pumped on just having fun with your friends.. Sometimes you just have to think “f*ck dem features sonson, ima find ma own”.

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  2. cody

    Dude!!!! when did u guys come up?! this is my home mountain!!! if you come back hit me up!!!

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