AnDUHrra with Nate Bozung

By • Dec 7th, 2012 • Category: Featured, Features, Videos

Only Euros would think this was a good idea… then again, it may just have been a brilliant idea.

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31 thoughts on “AnDUHrra with Nate Bozung

  1. sstever

    the rejected edits are rejected and this gets its own post.. yobeat is run by hypocrites

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  2. vid

    simple rules to avoid your edit being rejected on yobeat: 1. eat pill or two a day 2. film lines on piste with your friends. skate inspired yeah

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  3. IceCoast

    @vids a pill or two a day? HA you severely underestimate the addictions of this man. And for anyone who wants to realize how bad their lives really do suck, follow Nate on instagram, will make you feel like YOU are the fuck up when you see how he lives.

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  4. paco

    welp i guess there goes my dream of him restarting bozwreck boards with keegan and matty since grimey-ass nate is on a solomander

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  5. Ice

    Is anyone else friends with Bozung on facebook? Hondo and Jed Anderson were fucking with him so much one night. I just made some popcorn, sat down and kept refreshing my page to see the funniest conversation between them. It was better than watching 90′s girls gone wild. (which if you haven’t tried, get on that)

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  6. Cheechischonged

    and wtf is with this comment moderation? to many comments about brooke’s stinkan cunt? cunts.

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  7. matty

    1) Dude made more many that you will in your life..even if he dies in a year 2) bozwreck lives…you think this guy brings a board with him to spain when hes just going to buy a million dollar condo and get wasted? 3) Dude still has more fun when he snowboards than all y’all/

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    1.Who gives 2 dumps what he makes, hes still a fucking kook. 1.Him and Shauuun Neff should go ride the dick together somewhere in some expensive condo. 3.Not to mention after Jed made him look like a 15yr old on his own facebook he deleted the entire convo. 4. If hes living it then I might as well die now….

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  9. upstatemike.

    bozung is way more real then any of you geeks will ever be. you act like you know him from some pictures you see online. one of the raddest dudes alive, keep fuckin em up nate!!

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