Rails 2 Riches 2012 Video

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Fuck yeah East Coast! Here’s the moves from Rails to Riches at Killington, VT December 8th, 2012.



1st – Riley Nickerson
2nd – Luke Haddock
3rd – Yale Cousino


1st – Lily Calabrese
2nd – Mary Rand
3rd – Emma Graham

Video by Eli Olson

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48 thoughts on “Rails 2 Riches 2012 Video

  1. randy mathews

    never understood how yale cusino never went anywhere, he was doing hard way back 270s in like 06 in the old huckfest movies, and that front flip was ballsy as tits

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  2. Mdot

    ^yale is a legendary OG and at 30 is still out there smoking young whipper snappers asses in contests. To me that counts as going somewhere

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  3. blat

    maybe it was the jerseys everyone was wearing, but i felt like i was watching the same person the whole time..

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  4. Tampongirlfromtoohard

    ^Ian post didn’t make this edit moron. But obv Eli Olson needs to do his research a little Better next time

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  5. suckaphattie

    its too bad you cant post a snowboarding video without a bunch of pickles commenting on it

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  6. not roobs

    seems like there’s always controversy over who should place in r2r but what its rly about is coming together and having a sick time just throwing down

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  7. was there

    This edit isn’t fully accurate on who should have won, If u were there, the top 3 were consistant as fuck and landing alot of tricks, murphy is the shit but got stuck up on some shit same for everyone else.

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  8. Saw The Whole Thing

    Murphy got 4th and almost 3rd. Yale just was more consistent. Riley killed it and fell like 2 times. Luke was solid with some hammers. This video is not a good representation of all the riding. Wait for the after hours edit. Plus all the day light footage is just qualifiers. Definitely went to the right guys.

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  9. Jake da snake

    shauns tricks were tech as fuck witch made up for his “inconsistency”. plus he got twice as many hit in than anyone else. no matter what that dude slayed and got fucked.

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  10. upstatemike.

    JOC didnt place with all them hams?? seems like the judging panel were a bunch of vermont snobs…

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  11. jerm

    just like everyone else who was there has said. the dudes that podium landed all night. i think riley only missed 2 tricks all night.

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  12. tron

    “The saddest thing in life is wasted talent.” four dudes that should have left the east coast a long time ago.

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  13. Comment hidden for being too true

    Notice that none of the guys on the podium thought they were about to place. None of them had their boards ready to show their sponsors. They rode well, just overall not as well JOC and Shaun Murphy.

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  14. terence

    1. why do companies still think that draping everyone in terrible identical XXXL jerseys is still A Cool Thing

    2. how many closets do you think Yale could fill with all the XXXL contest jerseys he’s worn over the past decade?

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    Also it’s about motherfucken time Luke placed in a legit comp ever sense best trick at US open. He kills it.
    P.s he got stabbed

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