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Like a Stepchild FULL MOVIE

The other team edit everyone in Canada has been patiently awaiting, and we think you ‘mericans may just enjoy as well.

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Comments (54)

  1. Man’s gotta eat, haters gone hate

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  2. @waitwut.
    actually they won’t be. companies sponsor movies for alot $$$, this entitles them to all the footage filmed of their guys by whatever production company. its part of the deal. know your shit before you comment. also, if they were pissed, they wouldn’t release their footage in the first place. so not really wack, and your getting to see some real fucking good snowboarding for free. its never good enough for you folks huh?

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  3. Heard Hobush parents didn’t want him riding for stepchild cause some weed affiliation and mormon faith. Would rather him ride on a team with 40 other ams??? Nitro?? Pretty lame fit-WTF!!!!

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  4. Dillon Ojo is straight style, in my opinion he needs to go pro soon.

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