Aboot that Dope III Whistler Premiere…

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The “Dope” guys had a big weekend. Firstly, the hashtag #turnEMANpro became a reality, social media proving to be an effective career making tool. E-man Anderson was surprised in the hospital this weekend with his new pro model Stepchild board.


While E-man was getting surgery on his face down in the city, an unassuming bar in Whistler was hosting the Dope 3 premiere.  The bar hit capacity early but at least 50 angry French Canadians (probably some Australians too) were not having it.

Details of the night from people who were actually in attendance are pretty hazy.


According to the Vancouver Sun: “Officers were arresting a 23-year-old Pemberton man for allegedly damaging a ski rack and its skis outside Dusty’s Bar and BBQ in the mountain resort’s Creekside neighbourhood.  The man continued to resist arrest as the crowd circled, egging on the suspect, and the partiers began to grab the officers and try to pull one officer’s gun out of his holster, according to an RCMP news release.”


Toronto Sun reported: “The group was yelling, Knapton said, and then escalated to pushing the officers and throwing snowballs.  Someone tried to take the gun out of one officer’s holster.  An additional three officers were called in and used pepper spray to further disperse the crowd, Knapton said.  One of the officer’s was taken to a clinic to be checked out, but nobody was injured, Knapton said.

The premiere was obviously shut down early, so the party moved to a nearby house where Wes Makepeace played his set intended for the bar, so we asked Brocklebank for the dirt.

Darrah: Are you psyched your premiere caused a full on riot?

Brocklebank: Ahahhaa.. no not full riot!!  It was just a bunch of boarders hyped on beer to see a video, only a few kids were acting the fool.  Sucks cause those idiots ruined it for the lot of us and Makepeace didn’t get to play because of it, but ya, I guess I’m hyped as fuck on the press.  OG Whiskey homie Mike Hager did a write up on vancouversun.com and Toronto sun also run some bullshiit on it.  Worldnews.net also posted some more bullshiit too.  It’s kinda weird cause no snowboard mag websites gave us idiots any press and all these newspaper websites did!!  I guess it has to do with sponsor bullshiit and industry fags sucking each others’ dick, but for reals who gives a fuck… it’s just snowboarding, right?

Did you have a good time that night at least?

Oh fuck yeee.  Makepeace played a house party after and it was fucking insane, place was shaking.

If you want to watch Dope III for yourself, do so here (eventually). http://www.dope.tv/download.php

In other Canadian news…. this happened: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/story/2012/12/09/toronto-monkey-ikea.html

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11 thoughts on “Aboot that Dope III Whistler Premiere…

  1. molespit

    ^ Judging by your use of ‘youre’ and ‘u,’ one wouldn’t expect you to be able to read the “(eventually)” listed after where to watch the movie. Know YOUR knowledge you ratchet hoe

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  2. Ben

    Now Yobeat posts a story about DOPE 3! You never even listed DOPE 3 as an option for movie of the year! Brockle even mentions your site! “It’s kinda weird cause no snowboard mag websites gave us idiots any press and all these newspaper websites did!! I guess it has to do with sponsor bullshiit and industry fags sucking each others’ dick, but for reals who gives a fuck… ” Yet you decide to post this story? Yobeat has lost so much respect in my books. Not acknowledging DOPE 3, not posting a anything about Brocklebank’s edits, and more stupid disrespectful posts than I can even begin to name. Yes it’s fair to say that my time will now exclusively be spent on The Catfish Chronicles Blog. Dope edits, without your hypocritical bullshit stories.

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  3. fdgd

    do your homework, emans parts have been posted on yobeat along with other stuff. he wasnt referring to yobeat

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  4. JH

    love that it started at yelling and escalated into throwing snowballs. Us snowboarders are so badass

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