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Airblaster’s Single Cork – Part 2: Mt. Baker Banked Slalom

Not only is the Banked Slalom “Legendary,” it’s the only event that you can win the most sought after trophy in snowboarding: the Gold Roll of Duct Tape. Brandon Cocard, Ben Lynch, Tim Eddy and Max Warbington point their boards down the banked course and shred the insane Mt. Baker terrain in the second part of Singlecork.

Singlecork is a shred flick with friends, powder, side hits, gaps, launchers, rhythm sections and even completely inverted aerials. Head over to to pick up your own free copy of Singlecork!

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Comments (4)

  1. I’m just gonna buy the movie, i dont want to wait for the rest of it. Good shit
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  2. Finally a webisode that does Baker justice. This is what its like most days. Rainy, with overcast skies and no powder. K2 actually used a helicopter for thier “My Backyard” Series and filmed in Canada where it actually snows. Go to Canada if you want powder it only rains in the NW
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  3. Airblaster’s edits always have the best vibes.
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  4. Dear Airblaster,

    Your edits are the best. We love you. Good job. Right on. Booyakasha.

    Love SHRD

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