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G.O. Episode 1 (Girls Only)

The first of the all-girl snowboard series G.O.xo @ Carinthia Parks. The season has been getting a rocky start but we’re here making the best of it! Chicks: Noelle Edwards, Mackenzie Quigley, Jaime Del Pizzo, Emma Graham

Filmed & Edited by Jennifer Gonyea & Jaime Del Pizzo

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Comments (2)

  1. its cool that girls are trying to make some shit on the internet, but if youre going to do it, don’t do girls snowboarding a disservice and put in shots of missed grabs, zeaches and 10 ft airs.
    Do it right and cut the shit tricks, keep the hammers, and try to do something that will actually make it on a featured Yobeat post, not the news feed just because they need more girl filler content.
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  2. was that a varial flip?!?!
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