FootyFiend’s Early Season at Blackcomb

By • Dec 28th, 2012 • Category: Featured, Features, Videos

The Footyfiend boys have been relegated to the Blackcomb park this season because — ready for this — their videos made the Whistler park look too good last season and it was causing trouble with the nice families trying to have a super great time having to interact with the punk ass snowboarders in the line. So in 2013, lets NOT be assholes while getting on to the lift so that the best boarders can make videos of the best parks for you to watch. Cool?

Featuring: Adam Franks, Keenan Filmer, Alex Stathis, Brin Alexander, Kai Ujejski

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17 thoughts on “FootyFiend’s Early Season at Blackcomb

  1. rob

    that front blunt pretz was nuts!
    also that rail thats backtailed on the second to last shot is SO long, the clip doesnt do it justice.

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  2. Bob Lynch

    Hey all you little boarder fags i got my eyes on you. Go fast, loose pass. Mountain safety will dominate.

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  3. lol

    wow lol… this is such a joke lmao i could do this on a razor scooter backwurds with a dildo as a helmet rofl

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