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Jon Stark and the Working For The City Crew just made an edit. The music is creepy — creepy good — and the whole thing is slow and druggy. The riding rules though, so if you’re not a little bitch enjoy this big boy shit.

featuring: jake moore, jon lord, nate blomquist, cullen bernklau and jesse paul

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33 thoughts on “Elm-ementary

  1. well

    i thought that was fuckin sick, and the song was dope too. it started getting a little goofy towards the end there, but finished up nice again

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  2. BackFlipsontoRailsareGAY

    When you guys gonna drop your movie??? It’s January if you didin’t know. The edit is good but please stop swinging from stark’s nuts…he’s not that cool.

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  3. FAIL!

    WFTC2 is just like Stark in the bedroom, talks a big game, has decent forplay, but can’t finish the job!

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  4. kcashanhiera

    stark bringing the fuego as usual. hell drop wftc 2 when ever the fug he feels like it.

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