STUMPED: Waterville Valley

By • Jan 8th, 2013 • Category: Featured, Features, Videos

A lap park, quadzilla, and Luke Mathison. Waterville Valley is the spot, and STUMPED knows it.

Featuring Bar Dadon, Payson Tracy, Cole Navin, Robert Connors, and Parker Szumowski

Video by Eli Olson

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23 thoughts on “STUMPED: Waterville Valley

  1. Dopeninja

    @mushroom tip. is that all you got out of this video? STUMPED on deck! all of these kids rip, shoutout to parker heal up quick my dude!!

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  2. yobeatmymeat

    @mushroom tip
    ya’ll liek men. h8in on yung nigguhz on dat cum up u dont no dem

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