Soulcation: Montucky

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This is the story of my first time to Montucky. Why did we go there?  Mainly for the Smash Life Banked Slalom, but also, your manz needed a fucking vacation. So it was settled, the Yobeat crew headed deep into the wilderness for a wild time of new people, powder, Montucky weapons, and a healthy smattering of Nature’s Majesty.

Thursday – On the Move.

6:30 am. Little sleep and a massive hang-over have mandated that pants are no longer required. My attire is now an orange Poler Napsack.

I am screaming because Brooke just put on her ipod.

9:00 am. Brooke is Instgramming instead of navigating. We haven’t even left Oregon yet and we are completely disoriented. We regain control after breakfast at Sheri’s in Pendleton. Good work team, we have been on the road for four hours and I can pretty much still see my house.

9:30. am. I eat my first chicken-fried steak of the trip and decide it is required I order one every time it’s on the menu.

The waitress at Sheri’s loved my “Snuggie sleeping bag.”

10:00 am. I eat a second chicken-fried steak to prove I am not a pussy to the locals gawking at my orange Poler Napsack.

I honestly could have ended the trip/my life right here.

4:00 pm. We arrive at “50,000 Silver Dollar,” a must-stop roadside attraction about 15 minutes into Montucky. Can you say affordable weaponry? Our car is now one Turkish war-sword richer.

10:00 pm. We arrive at the Western Heritage Inn, a modest establishment in Bozeman with carcasses draped on the walls. The water in our room doesn’t work and Brooke tries to get RC and I to share a bed. I consider it.

“You’re about to be saber bate, brooke.”

10:05 pm. My sword can cut through glass bottles.

Tomorrow we actually go boarding. Keep reading by clicking here

Reading too much for ya? Here’s a damn video. Also, read all about the Smash Life Banked Slalom here.

Tomorrow we actually go boarding. Keep reading by clicking here.

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    and to think the pope didnt bring back a bufallo hide or nothing for his minions stuck in the western rains

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