Soulcation: Montucky

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Friday – Welcome to Big Sky!

Check out these titties. Wait, what?

8:00 am. A big-horned sheep and I have a starring contest. It’s a battle of raw instinctual prowess. I am victorious. The sheep cowers away as I smile secretly and tell Brooke and RC nothing of my victory.

9:00 am. RC, a “local” (cough) brings us to the top of the Tram first run.

This Mountain Rocks.

9:04 am.. We go on the “easiest way down,” which is a large rock with a little snow on it.

10:30 am. We see the banked slalom course. There is one turn that appears to trick the rider into turning directly into a rock wall. We hypothesize that Montana locals are trying to kill us.

11:00 am – 4:00 pm. Groomers baby. talking ’bout CUTTIN THE CORDUROY.

Day three is RACE DAY! Keep reading

Day three is RACE DAY! Keep reading

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  1. PileS

    and to think the pope didnt bring back a bufallo hide or nothing for his minions stuck in the western rains

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