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Soulcation: Montucky


8:30 am. Even my bleeding kidney can not stop me from getting to that continental breakfast.

10:00 am. I buy an air freshener for Brooke’s car, for I am the main reason that it smells. Brooke tells me she was awake for sunrise and I almost vomit at her very words.

The Ford Bro-cus.

10:30 am. We meet in the Conoco parking lot to head on our backcountry mission. I make new friends by trying to launch wasabi peas into the mouths of the Kirby Brothers. Eli Weiner explains to me his concept for a rap video featuring slow-mo footage of majestic birds synced up to meek-mill, I try and steal his idea. Timbro and I attempt to do the weakest human period ever in a “let’s go streaking through the green, are you with me!?” kind of effort.

Yup, that’s a no board.

11:00 am. 23 people including the Go Boarding crew, Jason Robinson, some of the K2 team and a host of Montana locals gather at a remote Montana turn-off. In celebration of one of A-rob’s favorite spots, we hike through pillow lines reminiscent of childhood daydreams.

12:00 pm. Lucas Debari scales up the untouched rock garden. Unsure of how to ride such massive terrain, I stand at the bottom and watch for a solid half hour. Shane Stalling finally turns the corner and arrives to the party. We now have 24 people.  “I didn’t see any puke on the trail so that’s a good sign!”  I take a small bow. He wasn’t even talking to me.

Proper pillows, perfect people.

12:00-3:00 pm. Like kids on a snow day, the entire crew ravages all the powder our collective legs can handle. Todd Kirby does a method so massive I consider never doing one again. J-rob looks at several cliff bands to which most of us thought impossible. He owns them. Complete silence sets in as Lucas Debari drops into a line across the ridge from the pillows. I imagine his experience with that cliff to be similar to the time I fell out of a roller coaster when I was 9.

3:00 pm. We hike to the top of the spot to hang A-rob’s board in a tree. A few words are spoken and smiles and high fives are had by all. All 24 poeple take a party lap to the right of the pillow line. I get my time to shine as a filmer as almost everyone else has put their gear away by now.

4:00 PM. We shred down to the car. Somewhere along they way the GoPro falls out of my backpack. I lose 40 clips of the sickest day ever. Whatever, RC is making a real edit.

5:00 pm: Hugs and stickers.

8:00 pm. Justin Rivera, Aaron Cardwell, Mike Tschauner and I convince a drunk college kid to do a belly flop into the hotel pool.

Holy shit there’s more!

Holy shit there’s more!

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  1. Best yobeat edit to date
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  2. Ditto. And oh how envy you your trip to Lookout Pass…
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  3. I want to see Justin’s full rap performance
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  4. I bet someones balls need a “soapcation”
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  5. next time you guys should post more instagram photos…
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  6. That face reminds me of myself after ever time i masterbate.
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  7. im super drunkef and i.e. iieks= wana ebuttseckzew sum chsicks. nsah mean>?
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  8. Schweitzer?
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  9. Pussy cant even open his beer with his thumb and has to used a sword
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  10. “you guys need a sword? err…” classic
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  11. and to think the pope didnt bring back a bufallo hide or nothing for his minions stuck in the western rains
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