Soulcation: Montucky

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Monday: It ain’t over yet.

6:30 am. One last free breakfast. I steal maple syrup. Bad idea.

7:05 am. Depart Big Sky, Snoqualmie Park crew on our heels.

This didn’t seem like a good idea, but at the same time it did.

9:00 am. Joe Pope, head of Snoqualmie Parks and  old-time Montana legend pulls over to stop at a warm spring. Of course the water is only warm during the summer, but Joe leaves that part out until it’s too late. He can literally convince his staff to do anything.

12:30 pm. Another mandatory stop at 50,000 Silver Dollar brings the weapons count even higher. I regret saying, “Another chicken-fried steak won’t kill me,” after I nearly choke from eating too fast.

We tried to find anyone at this mountain to yell “lookout!” to, but I think we were literally the only people there.

2:00 pm. Arrive at Lookout pass, half of which is in Idaho, the other half Montana. Chuck Schmidt, a lookout local, leads us to an untouched natural halfpipe. I cum in my pants.

3:30 pm. Several awkard bro hugs, we leave our new friends and force RC to drive all the way back to Portland.



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13 thoughts on “Soulcation: Montucky

  1. PileS

    and to think the pope didnt bring back a bufallo hide or nothing for his minions stuck in the western rains

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