Park City Party!

By • Jan 18th, 2013 • Category: Features, Videos

The kids are out and boarding at Park City. And while they may or may not be cool enough to make it in the official IRPC edits, we like these guys.

Here’s Jeremy Estorga and Ryan Lanham, seen through the lens of Andrew Nagel. And yes, Jerm sent us this.

Speaking of jerms, Big Jerm also hooked up these videographed moves from #Blaze Kotsenburg.

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16 thoughts on “Park City Party!

  1. Heiiiiston Beacco

    ha fuck these faggots saga is ski brand fuck jerm for even posting this garbage

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    Skiers also wear Holden(they were just in skier mag outerwear edition)now and ride salomons. Get fucked you mark.

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  3. ayerscare

    hey my name is mark and i haven’t gotten fucked in like a week, but thanks for the motivation

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  4. Jerm

    @heiiiiston beacon I dont have the power to post. They still go through Brooke. She approved the edit. My guess is she thought the snowboarding was good and doesn’t care to cry about clothing.

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  5. two22's

    who the fuck cares what your wearing. Let their snowboarding speak, not what brand they wear.

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  6. G

    PC has some of the best jumps you can get yet there wasn’t a single jump in the Saga edit…solid

    But Blaze killed it!

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