The LKTRPK Snow Show

By • Jan 20th, 2013 • Category: Features, Videos

On our recent Soulcation to Montana, we managed to spend a few hours at Lookout Pass, thanks in large part to the peer pressure of Chuck Schmidt, who not only told us to stop and got us tickets, but showed us the untouched pow runs to take at 2 pm. We also rode through the park, which was fun, albeit a bit buried in snow, which is Chuck’s real forte. And all season long, he and the boys have been making videos, which we haven’t posted because we’re jerks. So to say thank you, here’s all the episodes you’ve missed.

Snow Show 6: HESH

Snow Show 5: MERKED

Snow Show 4: BLOOD

Snow Show: Crimbus Special

Snow Show 3: SPAZZ


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18 thoughts on “The LKTRPK Snow Show

  1. RH

    Lookout Pass is great! Check out Great Divide if you guys get an opportunity! Small resort outside Helena, with quite a few pow stashes!

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    That was fucking outrageous. Never post something like this again. I do not care if they gave you free tickets. That does not mean you have to post six edits that are all shit. Where is the Drip Squad so they can give these dudes an F in the Rejected Edits.

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  3. Holy shit

    One of their videos was in a rejected edit and now your sucking their dicks because they gave you tickets?

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  4. Jeremy Jones

    Hell yeah! Unknown guys who shred! Looks fun. THETRUTH: I saw some gnarly hammers. Send a link to one of your videos, I’m sure it will get pissed on by blind people.

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  5. Dylan R

    If you like ice rinks and no snow go to great divide… it sucks, and what are you guys talking about LKT snow show is fucking amazing!!!

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  6. zeachmafia

    yeah that kid banana is a faggot ass overhyped bitch who sucks team managers dicks. just like yobeat with lktprk ticket people. #cutforbieber

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