The Local Rail Round Up

By • Jan 22nd, 2013 • Category: Features, Videos

Here’s a few videos from places that are really, really cold right now. Good thing snowboarding is a winter sport, eh?

The Burg

Hooray, it’s a decent edit from Cannonsburg, MI. Finally.

Riders: Adam Rottschafer, Jake Devries, Joey Niepokoj, Peter Gibson, Tommy Young

Film/Edit: Addison Beeker


Why is a VT edit in between two from the Midwest? Because we put it there, that’s why.

Riders: John Murphy | Ben Kessler | Keegan Hosefros | Chris Erickson | Ralph Kucharek | Colby Sears | Sam Watson | Andrew Baker | Connor Manning |Yale Cousino

Film/Edit: Ryan Sheetz

Hyland Hills

And the new crew of Hyland hoodlums are making it happen.

With Danny Kiolbasa, Alex Colorito, Dan Spooner, and Chris Eck.

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36 thoughts on “The Local Rail Round Up

  1. drake is the best rapper alive

    sugarbush is by far one of the worst places i have actually TRAVELLED to go snowboard at

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  2. waybackwhen

    i remember back in 06 when i met that ralph guy at HCSC, lived in the same chalet along with zak hale…funny shit

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  3. YMR

    sugarbush is a mecca; i believe there is nowhere else in the nation where park crew cares so personally about making sure that its riders have fun

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  4. bitchez

    About time yobeat shows cannonsburg some love. Doing it right in the midwest. Best by far

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  5. God

    To be a part of jnep nation you have to cut off your own dick, paint a picture with the dick, and then send it as a gift to drip squad.

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  6. KC KYLE

    oh my god park rails are so yesterday, come ride some couloirs at silverton. fucking pussies

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  7. trendy trix

    i can only assume its locals hating on “drake is the best rapper of all time”. seriously, sugarbush is a piece of shit. id RATHER fucking ski at an ontario resort. (srs)

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  8. John

    i have a few things to say: to join drip squad requires multiple thumb gunning of beers and a good soft raping. that is all.

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