Spot Check: Bear Mountain Mid January

By • Jan 24th, 2013 • Category: Featured, Features, Videos

Remember how sick Sunday in the Park used to be? Sigh. Anyway, here’s the latest 32 spot check featuring Chris Bradshaw, Justin Mulford, Christian Hobush, Brandon Hobush and Jordan Small.

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28 thoughts on “Spot Check: Bear Mountain Mid January

  1. Tony Danza

    Ive said it before, ill say it again, keep your eye on Christian Hobush, he’s going to blow up

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  2. Holden Caulfield

    Fuck YES! That definitely got me hyped to go ride…you got an OG Legend and then the younger crew all putting down hammers. Keep these spot checks crankin’!! And put MORE Bradshaw in them.

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    thank tha lawd for 32.
    day after day, busted ass edit after edit fills up the web.
    HDJ drops some real shit and the world seems right again.

    now keep em comin. and tell LTC boys music does matter in ability to watch an edit.
    damn that last one was like a knife stab to my earz

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  4. turdinghard

    @brighton, so at 24 you think Jordan will still be doing spot checks? i doubt it, in 5 years time im sure he’l be filming for a legit crew during the winter.

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  5. @@@@@brighton

    @turdinghard I really don’t care. I love snowboarding and this video was fucking awesome.

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  6. FF

    You guys comment about the gayest shit. It’s snowboarding who gives a hoot who’s older or better than who. Enjoy it while you can.

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  7. Lucas Bradshaw

    dont let them fool you. whats brandon spelled backwards? Christian. they’re the same person

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