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Premature Evaluation: 13/14 Anon Goggles

Only two more days ’til SIA officially starts. Today we get a sneak peak at next year’s Anon goggles including the M2, which is like this year’s M1, but way, way better. Maybe.

M2 Landvik Pro

Black on black on Photoshop lens — that pops in an out with a negative amount of effort.
Comrade Merrill Pro


“Merrill Time.” I wonder if he says that before sex?

The classic shape in the sherpa blue special.

Woman’s Bridger
Though we’re all sad about the end of RED, there is a perk. It was much too complicated to let women buy helmets and goggles separately, and now they can get a sweet package deal which gives them more time to cook dinner.
M2 Legion

Another colorway in the miracle magnetic goggles of the future.

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Comments (9)

  1. god that video was so chyll
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  2. There was a kid on the hill with those m2’s and he yardsaled and lost his lens hahahaha classic
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  3. Nothing better then losing your lenses, another pointless marketing stunt
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  4. i hate anon and burton cause im a hipster
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  5. the description for the helmet was actually funny
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  6. magnets are for refrigerators.
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  7. will those magnets fuck with my avy beacon? i think theres 6 of them…..
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  8. I never had problems switching out my lenses…now all these interchangeable lens goggles do is get snow inside my goggles…we should go back to the basics of things that actually work and don’t fall out when you wreck.
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  9. @ab There’s a warning in the goggle box. The magnets may affect a beacon, AED, and other medical devices. Some say the magnets your cell phone do the same, but they haven’t proven to interfere with anything yet, however the magnets may or may not be worth the risk.
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