Digi Lac: A Short Film at Mont du Lac

By • Jan 29th, 2013 • Category: Featured, Features, Videos

Hot laps, Stevie Nicks and SD filming. What more could you want?

Riders:, Joey “jerrydaddy” Kreye, Jesse Paul, Jake Braseth, Max Ronning, Jack Yelle, Alex Colorito, Stephen Paulson, Nate Blomquist, Billy Bottoms, James Olson, Jake Durham and Reba

Song: Fleetwood Mac – The Dance -1997- Landslide

Edited by: Nate Blomquist


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16 thoughts on “Digi Lac: A Short Film at Mont du Lac

  1. rob

    If that isnt a perfect edit I dont know what is. goofing around, serious hams, cool song, and that shot where everyone took it turns to hit stuff was too legit. And the back 3 over the rope tow… so good.

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